St. Philip’s College Receives Six-Figure Grant From Port San Antonio

January 28, 2008

port_grant.jpgSan Antonio’s aerospace industry got a great liftoff. This week, St. Philip’s College received a grant worth $139,000 from Port San Antonio, the aerospace and industrial complex located at the former Kelly Air Force Base.

The grant awarded to St. Philip’s will be used to train employees for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of airplanes. This grant targets employees who primarily work for Chromalloy, Lockheed Martin and Standard Aero.

For nearly twenty years, the aircraft technology program at St. Philip’s College’s Southwest Campus has been a pipeline for skilled labor in San Antonio’s aerospace industry. Many of St. Philip’s graduates are now employed by various companies in the aerospace community.

St. Philip’s College Strengthens Ties With World-Class Ballet Company Leader

January 18, 2008

edwardmorgan2.jpgSt. Philip’s College threw an unforgettable homecoming party for ballet luminary Edward Morgan Jan 17. The New York-based San Antonio native swept people at the college off their feet when he received them at the Morgan Gallery that is named after his stepmother, Kathryn Morgan.

The celebration was enhanced with exclusive dance instruction for St. Philip’s College students under the eye of the special guest. The events were possible because Morgan was returning to his hometown for the first time as co-director of his company—MorganScott Ballet.

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